Forms of retranslocated nitrogen during leaf senescence and nitrogen deficiency

Nitrogen (N) retranslocation from senescing leaves to the grains is one of the limiting factors for an efficient utilization of fertilizer N. The present 3 project aims at investigating further the contribution of different N forms and their sensecence- regulated transporters to N retrieval in senescing leaves and to N retranslocation. In barley, the retranslocation efficiency of 15N-labeled urea and other N forms will be assessed in wild-type and transgenic plants with altered expression of membrane transporters or transcription factors. A regulatory link of these N transporters to upstream transcription factors as a putative leaf-inherent signal will be investigated in the model species Arabidopsis.

Physiology and Cell BiologyIPK
IPK Gatersleben, Germany

Prof. Dr. Nicolaus von Wirén
Dr. Anne Bohner
Lisa Unrath

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